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Improve the cleanliness of your facilities with our superior services!


Superior hygiene is not only the visual impression of your facility. It is much more than that – a reflection of your commitment to excellence in every segment of your business. We at Marera Facility Management honor ourselves on providing exceptional cleaning services that have been developed with the aim of raising the standards of hygiene and aesthetics of your property.


Why does Marera Facility Management have the best offer for hygienic maintenance?


We guarantee impeccable cleanliness:


Our team of professionals provides superior service. Eather it is interior or exterior, all surfaces will be impeccably clean, regardless of the type of object.

We adapt cleaning methods to specific needs:


We understand that every facility has unique cleaning requirements. Our services are customizable to meet your specific needs, be it daily maintenance services, periodic deep cleaning, or specialized project cleaning.


We insist on ecological solutions:


The health and well-being of your users and the preservation of the environment are our priority. Our cleaning methods include the use of ecological products and sustainable techniques, to maintain a healthy and green business or living environment.

We provide timely and reliable services:


Precision and accuracy are at the core of our professional standards. We pride ourselves on providing cleaning services with precision and efficiency, ensuring your facility remains in top condition without disrupting day-to-day operations and business.

Comprehensive cleaning packages:


Choose a cleaning package to suit your needs, from basic maintenance to detailed cleaning projects. Our goal is to provide first-class service, allowing you to stay focused on what’s most important to you.

Advantages of contracting our services


For a better appearance of the facility: A clean and well-maintained facility leaves a maximally positive first impression. Improve your property’s control appeal with our cleaning services, contributing to increase satisfaction of your tenants, as well as attracting the new users.


Healthy business and living environment: A space where hygiene is at a high level is crucial for the health and well-being of users. Our cleaning services create an environment that promotes health and efficiency.

Saving time and costs: Delivering hygienic maintenance to your company allows you to save effective time and resources. Stay focused on your priorities while we make sure everything shines.


We are available at any time for consultation and support when choosing one or a package of services available in our offer:

Daily cleaning of objects of various purposes


– Garage cleaning

– General cleaning on construction final site

– Specialized cleaning of industrial zone

– Machine washing of hard floor polishing

– Machine washing, protection and polishing of hard floor surface area

– Machine washing with deep rinsing of soft floor surface area

– Washing of furnished furniture

– Washing available glass surfaces – outside and inside

– Washing of challenging glass surfaces from the outside, which is carried out by special mountaineering teams

– Washing of walls / panels and suspended ceilings

– Industrial and other cleaning according to user requirements

– Additional services

– Mobile emergency team – available 24/7

– Pest control, disinfection, disinfection

– Supply of paper goods and hygiene products

– Manual cleaning goods

– Protective hygiene equipment

– Disinfectants