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Marera Property Management maintains over one million square meters of commercial property

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This year, the MPM company has reached the milestone of performing facility management and maintenance services for over one million square meters of commercial property.


Operating with over 200 clients in 55 cities across Serbia, the MPM company has doubled the number of facilities in its portfolio in just three years. Thanks to the development and implementation of an in-house integrated 360 platform that monitors a property throughout its entire life cycle, the company has built an extensive list of client references that includes prominent names from various industries: Nestle, Polimark, Somboled, Frikom, Credit Agricole Bank branch office network, Milšped, Moravacem, and the Spanish and French Embassies in Belgrade.


“MPM continuously improves its services through implementation of innovations, safety, security and ecological protocols aligned with European and world standards. With over 1,500 highly trained professionals and use of thorough procedures, we ensure fast and efficient implementation in the field, while simultaneously optimizing operational costs,” says Tamara Simić, Facility Management Division Director.


MPM deals with the development, management and maintenance of office, industrial and retail facilities. In the real estate maintenance segment, it provides comprehensive integrated solutions, as well as individual services of hygienic and technical maintenance, reception, security, landscape maintenance and winter-related services.

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