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Marera Property Management Strengthens Market Position in Development and Real Estate Management

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Marera Property Management (MPM), the only company on the local market with an integrated platform for development and real estate management, has acquired 100% of ownership in Marera Construction – a company that was until recently known as ‘GP Nikolic’ from Kraljevo. Previously, in August 2020, MPM had acquired 70% of the ownership of the then named company ‘GP Nikolic’ – a renowned expert in the field of structural engineering with decades long experience in realization of infrastructural, industrial, and commercial real estate.


’Integration of structural engineering in the portfolio of our services brings added value to investors, and along with the existing services in development and management of real estates, contributes to strengthening our market position,’ said Danilo Pusonja, general manager of MPM.


Marera Construction is a construction project management company that produces prefabricated concrete elements. In addition to modernizing the ’GP Nikolic’ manufacturing facility in Kraljevo, Marera Construction will open its second production facility in Novi Sad in September of this year.


MPM is a relatively young company involved in development, management, and maintenance of office, retail, and industrial real estates. Over the last three years, MPM has developed a portfolio of 560,000 sqm of managed and maintained properties for more than 300 clients. The best-known projects in commercial real estate segment are reconstructions of landmark locations in the country’s capital, such as Kalemegdan Business Center, Palata Beograd, and the BIGZ building.

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