What is Facility Management


What is Facility Management and how it brings results

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The importance of facility management for the maintenance of commercial, public and industrial facilities has grown significantly in the last decade. Many organizations and companies have recognized facility management as an efficient way to manage facilities, equipment and maintenance. The most important thing for the facility is to continuously work on cost optimization and to improve the quality of work areas.


Facility management activities are focused on fault prediction and prevention. Material consumption and equipment abrasions are monitored, timely and precisely planned servicing is performed, and the response time in case of malfunctions is defined.


This type of space management includes multidisciplinary processes and activities with the main goal to provide integrated services and find comprehensive solutions for modern and functional facilities. Many facility management activities complement the primary business activities at the strategic, tactical and operational levels.


The essence of quality service is simplification of all processes or activities that contribute to smooth operation of building and facility users. With the help of facility management, facility owners save time because all duties are taken over by an in-house facility management team whose services are available 24/7. Here are 3 main items:


• Cleaning services, reception, security
• Equipping and technical maintenance of the facility so that everything functions smoothly on a daily basis
• Sustainable management and green services, winter services, landscaping


Of course, facility management offers much more to its clients. European standard 15221/4 suggests that there are more than 80 services and processes that are part of facility management. According to this internationally recognized standard, facility management services are divided into two large groups.


The first group includes the maintenance of space and infrastructure. The second group refers to the users of the building and the organization of the facility whose work equipment should be optimized for use, which is one of the main benefits of facility management – users of the facility can use the workspaces without worries.


The “every detail under control” approach guarantees the sustainable value of space, as well as the great experience and relief of the tenants who use it. Sustainable value grows through the implementation of basic procedures, strict supervision and fast and efficient implementation on the field.


The Facility Management Division within Marera Property Management includes cleaning services, technical maintenance, reception services, security services, sustainable facility management and green services, landscape maintenance, as well as winter services.


Marera Property Management is the only company on the market that has in-house facility management services available 24/7, without the need to employ outsource teams. The facility management service must be at the top level, whether it is individual services or integrated solutions.



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